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black, brown, and beige (2015)
pigment on paper, digital drawing, torinoko paper, 78x39in.

stringlets galore

this piece started in 2004, and made progress in leaps and bounds ever since. now i am close to where i want to bring it

as it is now, it is a metaphor for the geography of space and its occupation (or the earth, and its human population, or else...). it is an amazing maze at 6x3ft. above: the whole piece, and a 3x2in. detail

the rule-based generation is computationally intensive and the file produced is large enough that printing it is not trivial

the software still needs some adjustments. so the current state is not final

i have a plan for one or two short series, each series with its specific set of rules, and each piece in the series with its own color variation. but in the longer term the concept and the code present a wealth of possibilities

the starting point for the new works is simply to recognize and enjoy the beauty and overall uniqueness of a given moment in time.
(anonymous but cagean)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (12 Oct 2015)