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bright wavelets en camaïeu vermillion (2008)
pigment drawing on torinoko, five 6x3ft. panels


an algorist group show at the ukrainian institute of modern art (chicago) with works by colette bangert, jean-pierre hebert, paul hertz, and roman verostko, is being mounted by paul hertz with the participation of the block museum collection (evanston, il). a catalog with texts from paul hertz, grant taylor and debora wood has been published. the opening was oct. 2nd and the symposium oct. 3rd 2015.

i have a china ink drawing laque noire from 1992 loaned by the block museum, a suite of five 76x38 panels bright wavelets en camaïeu vermillion from my 2008 just enough chance series, and a suite of six 76x38 panels six outcomes for four palettes of change, two by two (blues, oranges, violets, yellows) (just completed 2015).

useful links: the show and the catalog

and slowly, we have the realization that we are going nowhere, and it is a pleasure.
(john cage)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (12 Oct 2015)