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six outcomes for four palettes of change, two by two (blues, oranges, violets, yellows) - details (2015)
pigment drawing on torinoko, six 6x3ft. panels


from 2004 on, i have researched the idea of lines (not to exclude other objects) placing themselves on the page, using different types of generative low level composition rules. this is how stringlets came to be.

stringlet classes have a simple genome defining their own behavior, a birth size, a grown up size; they can locate on any free space; as they grow they must do so keeping away from their neighbors, never touching or intersecting, respectfully. they are introduced one ny one; when one has grown up, its position and shape is frozen: then to the next one. the process gets more unfair as all the space gets occupied.

so there is something very biologic about the process. think about habitat, invasion, colonization, immigration, competing species, refugees, inequalities, land grab, history, etc... but demographic simulation is not the point.

the point is to develop a very large and beautiful image, composed from a large multitude of tiny intelligent stringlets. the overall massive size contrast with the extremely large number of extremely tiny components to create the impression of insignificance facing the infinitude of space and the cosmos.

the basic idea came from fan kuan's travelers among streams and mountains specifically, more generally from early chinese landscape painting shan-shui (mountain water), from works like caspar david friedrich's monk by the sea or the wanderer above the mists, from the pale blue dot observed from the cassini spacecraft, etc...

the image above shows six central details of a larger suite. each detail area is about 2 thousandth of the total area of its whole panel in that suite.

i posted a stringlets presentation showing the process, and how its concepts evolved over time, and another one about about the six outcomes for four palettes two by two... series, with details its relation with light, colors, and rainbows. these presentations need to be given some time to download, and can be made available through email request.

quoting a comment i see sunrises and sunsets through a colorful and soft atmosphere, i presume these pieces would also delight monet or seurat if they could be time travelers...

it does not do harm to the mystery to know a little about it. for far more marvelous is the truth than any artist of the past imagined it.
(richard feynman)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (20 Nov 2015)