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blues, violets, and reds in a complex maelstrom (2016)
pigment drawing on niyodo, one 34x17in. panel

artsci at ucla

i have been invited by victoria vesna to have a (small) solo show in the artsci gallery attached to california nano system institute and to participate to a laser event there.

the show was named quantum metaphors and presents some of my most recent works:

four groups of three 34x17inch pieces (elliptic waves tryptych, palettes of change , quantum waves, and blue wavelets),

two pages from in visible cities,

a large 78x39 drawing with millions of stringlets black, brown, and beige,

and a continuous stringlet animation showing and explaining the stringlets principle.

emptiness of purpose does not imply contempt for society, rather assumes that each person whether he knows it or not is noble, is able to experience gifts with generosity, that society is best anarchic.
(john cage)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (14 Apr 2016)