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wheel of time series (2010)
digital image, 22x17in. niyodo paper


we completed a 40 pages illustrated document on my work, published in folder form for a restricted distribution. it is no longer available online. the large file (75mb) presented five parts: drawings and prints, visual experiments, sand gardens, projects and selected catalogs. this might be a step toward publishing it in book form.

we have engaged in the process to catalog my works in a data base / catalogue raisonné: to that end, I am shooting photos of the works. plotter drawings are mostly done but for the sold pieces, the framed pieces, the traveling pieces, and the smallest earliest pieces dating from before 1974-1987.

the slowly germinating idea of publishing a book on my work is turning into a firm intent. so many options to explore!

the good is the ennemy of the great.
(milton glaser)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (22 Mar 2015)