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graphite interference 6496 (2007)
graphite on strathmore paper, 14x9 on 18x12in.

studio: current projects

above, a recent piece...

now working on:

- catching up and updating all studio documents and communications

- a short film presenting ulysses in action

- new computer systems installation and software

- sand and sound: new extensions with iannis zannos

- complete the tensegrity-led project with markdavid hosale and jeremy sarchet

- book collaborations with alejandro casazi

but these tasks still remain behind

- a complete studio catalog in a current database

- connect my kitp pages to this site (2003 public conference)

- assemble a book of drawings photos, another one of physics cartoons

hopelessly, endlessly delayed:

- learning max/msp/jitter/lua, and c++/xcode programming for sound pieces with wesley and lance at mat and with markdavid

- designing jewel boxes for small editions of palindromic images on dvd

- working on a proposal for a padme conference at ktp within 1-3 years

- writing work related narratives and presentations

- sand sculpture: developing an interactive version for performances with luigi irlandini

- preparing to start bas-reliefs and engraving in the physics lab (using new cnc equipment)

it took several days to write and it took me several years to come to the decision to make it.
(john cage)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (01 Jan 2010)