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metagon, dry brush stroke (2003)
brush and ink on japanese paper, 15x15 on 21x21in.

tools statements

concepts and design: artist's authored software / example links / current tools: programming editors (bbedit, textmate, subethaedit), scripting languages (mathematica, scheme and python), computers (macs: g4, powerbook, g5, mactel imac).

past tools history: programming languages used: rm basic (1972-1987), ms basic, pascal (1986,7), lisp, fortran, c, tcl (1989-2001), mathematica, scheme and python (1987 to date) / hardware: hp9830/35/45/16 (1972-1987), compaq pc, early mac (1986,7), several diverse workstations, suns and sgi (1989-2001), linux pc (2000-2003), macs thenafter.

plotter mediated works: hp, pen and inks / hp, brush and inks / mutoh, leads

motion control mediated works: digital sand gardens / marking of etched copper plates with artist's own devices / computer driven router, plasma torch, engravers

digital tools: xante laser printer / epson 2200 and 7600 inkjet printers / iris in outside studio

other tools: digital still camera (canon d20), video cameras, scanners / pendulums of different kinds, tops, etc...

everything you can imagine is real.
(pablo picasso)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (17 Jun 2015)