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emerging wave (1988)
china ink on paper, pen plotter drawing, 20x20in. on 22x30in. strathmore bristol

selected public, institutional and other collections

* bibliothèque nationale de france (paris)

* bibliothèque sainte geneviève (paris)

* block museum of art, computer prints and drawings collection (evanston, illinois)

* boston athenæum (massachusetts)

* brooklyn museum, prints and drawings (new york)

* camera works (new york)

* colorado college (colorado)

* columbia university (new york)

* davidson library, special collections (university of california, santa barbara)

* getty research institute (los angeles)

* kavli foundation (oxnard, california)

* kavli institute for theoretical physics (university of california, santa barbara)

* kenyon college (ohio)

* koninkljke bibiotheek (national library of the netherlands, the hague, netherlands)

* lafayette college (pennsylvania)

* mills college (california)

* mit (massachusetts)

* newberry library (chicago)

* new york public library (new york)

* nora eccles harrison museum of art (utah state university, logan)

* princeton university (new jersey)

* reeds college (oregon)

* san francisco public library (california)

* santa barbara county arts commission (california)

* santa barbara museum of art, photography collection (california)

* sonoma state university (california)

* stanford university (california)

* smith college (massachusetts)

* thoma art foundation (santa fe, new mexico)

* tweed museum of art (university of minnesota, duluth)

* ucsb (university of california, santa barbara) arts library and special collections

* uc santa cruz (university of california, santa cruz)

* university of delaware (newark, delaware)

* university of notre dame (notre dame, indiana)

* university of oregon (eugene, oregon)

* university of washington (seattle, washington)

* victoria and albert museum, patric prince collection (london, uk)

* washington university (saint louis, missouri)

* wellesley college (massachusetts)

* wesleyan university (connecticut)

* yale university (connecticut)

* westmont college (santa barbara)

* private & corporate collections (cincinnati, goleta, los altos hills, mountain view,

new york, paris, providence, saclay, santa barbara, south africa, washington dc)

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