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untitled anygone (2004)
hand pulled print, 13x13 on 24x18in.


hand pulled prints. digital mask on transparent medium and solar plates. copper plates: computer driven engraver and other devices for dry points and for soft ground, hard ground, sugar lift etchings.

it takes a village to make a print! and from the initial attempt, it took seven years to get there, thanks to a well orchestrated effort from all my printmaking friends and associates: hope frazier, elaine levasseur, jennifer mahlman, pat merrill, andre ribuoli (pace editions/pamplemousse press) and neal sistek, with very special thanks to elaine and to andre.

digital prints: in 1998, metagon series with cone editions twenty-four views of the metagon. there is a note about hundred views of the metagon (an 8mb pdf), now an on-going project across many different media. since the initial cone project all my digital work is produced only once (as in 1/1), avoiding multiple edition completely.

a presentation: (2005-2006):"printmaking from software concepts" (a 33mb pdf file, updated early 2007).

etchings exhibitions: santa barbara printmakers, kitp, san luis obispo art center, santa barbara contemporary arts forum, tim high's studio at university of texas at austin, francis frost fine art.

a set is a many that allows itself to be thought of as one.
(georg cantor)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (26 Jun 2013)