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cosmology (1989)
pen and ink on arches paper, 19x13 on 30x22in.


being artist in residence at the kavli institute for theoretical physics at ucsb, i can nurture my long time interest in physics. the kitp is for me a wonderful source of contacts, talks, seminars, readings. theoretical physics obviously: cosmology, inflation, fields, flows, simulated gravitation, black holes, lensing, projection of higher dimensions space, instabilities, topology, are familiar sources of research and frequent motifs for my work. and the more playful, experimental physics: works generated with pendulums, waves, magnetism, sand, mechanical forces. the kitp has also often been an inspiration for physics centered illustrations and cartoons.

after my solo shows in 2003 and 2004, i have organized since 2006 a quasi yearly group art show at the institute gallery.

algorists 2006

four visual artists in the land of newton : hans dehlinger, jean-pierre hébert, channa horwitz, roman verostko / talks by hans dehlinger, channa horwitz & jean-pierre hébert

algorists 2008

jean-françois colonna, helaman ferguson, jean-pierre hébert, casey reas / talk by casey reas

algorists 2009

david em, jean-pierre hébert, paul hertz, robert lang / talks by david em & jean-pierre hébert, video by paul hertz and robert lang (ted talk)

sciart 2011

alejandro casazi, birgit faustmann, jean-pierre hébert, manfred mohr, victor raphael, kay wiese / discussion moderated by peter frank

sciart 2012: mysterious

tatiana ginsberg, jean-pierre hébert, vera molnar, jeremy sarchet, ethan turpin / discussion moderated by peter frank (opening november 15th, 2012)

the meaning of life is to find your gift. the purpose of life is to give it away.
(pablo picasso)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (25 Oct 2012)