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fire palindromes for wall displays (2007)
digital image, rorschach symmetries and pixels

rorschach works

inspiration: rorschach, and bruce conner, andy warhol, roman verostko. collaborations with victor raphael and saritha margon. venusian prints, kitp display. appropriation of images from jpl, pablo picasso, wols, henri michaux, etc, etc... (images of air, clouds, water, fire, minerals, the earth, celestial bodies - and images of art). the images are used to create virtual ink blots by chance software rotations, slicings, mirrorings, juxtapositions.

open works: endlessly jocose interpretations at the beholder fantasy.

these works for wall display are shown at the KITP and were exhibited in a show curated by karen sinsheimer at the santa barbara art museum. i started to produce them before 2000 (and still do) as an easy distraction, to relax when coding and bugs got harder than usual. i never really tried to show them, collecting them on my hard drives, viewing the slideshows whenever

i still believe in abstraction, but now i know that one ends with abstraction, not starts with it.
(alexander stepanov)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (20 Jun 2015)