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nautile (2006)
copper plate dry point, 15x12 on 20x20in.

"algorists 2006"

march 10, 2006: opening of "the algorists", a group show at kitp (ucsb)

other title: strings, strokes, structures (proposed by peter frank)

alternate subtitles: four visual artists in the land of newton / four artists and generative logic / dehlinger, hébert, horwitz, verostko

notes: horwitz prefers algorithmist to algorist / verostko could not attend the opening / dehlinger came all the way from Kassel and we enjoyed several days of discussions / the show has been well attended and will remain hung through the summer /

the show: forty recent works of algorithmic art / kitp web page for the show, with links to the catalog.

this year, i organized for kitp a second group show, algorists 2008, with again forty works by algorists and friends, and myself.

the painting develops before my eyes, unfolding its surprises as it progresses. it is this which gives me the sense of complete liberty, and for this reason I am incapable of forming a plan or making a sketch beforehand.
(yves tanguy)

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