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violet, blue and pink metagon (2008)
digital image, 76x76 torinoko paper

santa barbara contemporary arts forum show

"jean-pierre hébert: drawing with the mind" [sep.30-nov.09 2008].

this exhibition includes fifty pieces:

- 28 large (76x38inch) digital drawings (code and pigment on paper), often presented as groups

- 3 pen and ink drawings

- 3 digital intaglios

- 3 paper embossings

- 2 pencil drawings

- 2 continuous drawing processes on displays

- 1 roving robot (a work in progress)

- 1 montgolfier printing experiment (also a work in progress)

- 5 photographies of sand traces

- 1 continuous drawing process on sand

- 1 continuous drawing process on water


"hands-off, mind-on art: jean-pierre hébert shows surprisingly sensuous, human side of computer-generated art" by josef woodard pdf (independent sep.18 2008)


this collection of images of the show remains a work in progress.

an illustrated catalog of the show is now available at sbcaf on request. it includes the following texts, also available separately here as small pdfs:,

list and curatorial information for the exhibited pieces,

introduction by miki garcia,

essay by peter frank,

essay by ted gachot.


the show was curated by elaine levasseur, installed by saul gray-hildenbrand and dante sigismundi, and managed by miki garcia and the caf staff. this has been a fifteen months project.

the basic principle for the show became essentially new works only, not a retrospective. there was first an air of exciting developments and hopes of funding for new pieces. but as time went by it has appeared that fund raising success was less than expected, so the range of new works originally scheduled had to be restricted.

my main effort has been to create several series of 2-5 important vertical 6x3ft. panels to be grouped by color and/or theme. these panels are printed on torinoko paper, with joel sherman's propitious help using the wide inkjet printer at the ucsb art studio. in addition, there are four kinetic pieces, and two digital displays. some pieces are the result of collaborations with ucsb students or former students (markdavid hosale, tatiana ginsberg, and a team of engineering students (c.m. bennett, eric griffin, brooks felton, kyle haynes, ryan miller).

the surprise of the show is the "chanting water" piece developed with markdavid hosale, starting from the simple idea of tibetan chanting bowls, water, wavelets and caustics. it will receive several developments in the months to come. it fulfills my interests for organic drawings, for light and sounds, for natural elements and for ephemerality: light, water, and the sound of tibetan chant. the sand and water pieces are installed together in a dark and quiet meditation room.

i had become interested in writing difficult music, etudes, because of the world situation which often seems to many of us hopeless.
(john cage)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (12 Sep 2015)