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three chants (2009)
photography, three instants above chanting water

"chanting water", solwayjones gallery, los angeles

a duo show with matthew picton's city maps. solwayjones shows the chanting water sound installation, first exhibited at sbcaf in 2008. the idea behind this piece is to use sound to move water and displace light, to create line drawings from the reflections on the surface, and the refractions under it. the chant creates waves, that manifest themselves as caustics (lines of brighter light surrounding darker areas, both consequences of the differential propagation of light on and in the perturbed water).

the original project was somewhat different. it proposed to use a vibrating tibetan chanting bowl half filled with water (i had been manually experimenting with that and it was successful). but only mechanical striking or rubbing the edge of the bowl could move the water interestingly. given the sbcaf short deadline, it was necessary to change path: acoustical energy was called instead as a work around as presented here.

searching for the ox | finding its traces | seeing the ox | catching the ox | taming the ox.

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (27 Oct 2012)