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10-26-19-10-54 blackL (2009)
digital image, 16x20in. kitakata paper

2009: new paradigms and algorithms

always trying something new, and revisiting something old too: text woven into the lines, typography, variations in fractal geometries, time of the essence (location, and other circumstances too), structuring angles, chance everywhere, etc...

these explorations are supported by a few happy findings and aesthetic developments, but also and more profoundly by new ideas and a new philosophy. studying, learning from others, stealing, jumping ahead of a good idea, and all these sorts of things still apply. research, mobility, availability, incremental development.

toujours à l'affût et aux aguets

very much alone in my work, i am almost jealous of it.
(yves tanguy)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (27 Oct 2012)