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untitled black hole - red shifted (2012)
digital image, 17x22in. niyodo paper

thousand waves and clouds

after tiles, grids, fractals, moires, water, wind and time lines, a new series of open strings, loops, stoppages, ribbons, curved through chance operations, and rendered in many styles and experimental ways.

this is a recent meme, which i adapt and blend into the fields, flows, and turbulences that have animated or made the space where my work has lived for almost thirty years.

a small image gallery samples this current work (winter/spring 2012), thousand waves and clouds. work on this series remains in progress.

it is possible to make people contented with their servitude. i think this can be done. i think it has been done in the past. but then it could be done even more effectively now because you could provide them with bread and circuses and you could provide them with endless amounts of distraction and propaganda.
(aldous huxley)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (14 Sep 2012)