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helix replication - yellow ochre, sienna natural, sienna burnt (1997)
pen and inks, unique three layers drawing

drawings in the 00s

continuation of the work on sand (collaboration with david bothman and victor dinovi). visual music (collaboration with iannis zannos).

development of new line forms, the grid and the filament doted with social and chance behaviors.

new etchings (solar plate and engraved copper plates; collaboration with elaine levasseur, andre ribuoli, pat merrill, neal sistek).

collaborations with victor raphael (gold leaves, rorschach) and saritha margon (rorschach).

kitp residency: access to a 24" wide inkjet printer, and improved access to hardware and software. the circumstances lead to a new genre: hand sketched physics related, kitp centered cartoons.

my drawing sizes vary now considerably, from 3x4inches to 76x38 panels. with technology improvements in both hardware and software, it has become possible to use complex algorithms, written in high level language, and create very large and very detailed prints at the highest resolution. this of course opens new possibilities, new explorations, that I am compelled to explore. There is a gallery of such recent explorations in 2006-2008

influences: francois morellet, john cage, channa horwitz

i got out of columbia and then into the american abstract artist group, which had almost all the abstract artists in the country in it, about 40 or 50.
(ad reinhardt)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (15 Apr 2016)