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dark wave 1-4 (2008)
pigment on paper, digital drawing, 4 panels each 77x38in. on torinoko paper

technovisual: art in the age of code

group show at the aas, washington d.c. (american association for the advancement of science)

“computing has transformed many aspects of our world, from how we communicate to how global markets function. propelled by cheaper, faster, more capable microprocessors and the creativity of individuals and organizations to harness this processing power, computers have become a ubiquitous, empowering presence in our lives.

artists, as intellectual pioneers, have embraced the unique aesthetic and creative possibilities of computing since the dawn of the information age and increasingly apply digital tools with the same fluency as physical ones. technovisual presents eight artists from across the u.s. who use computer programming to create new experiences and ask new questions.“ (aaron dubrow and aaas)

it would be posssible to develop other variations on the same theme and [...] to reverse or develop the theme itself or to combine the variations with each other or to try other colour combinations.
(max bill)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (29 May 2015)