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black scholastica (2003)
pen and acrylic ink on paper, 30x22 arches paper

biographical notes and résumés

downloadable documents (pdf format): one paragraph nano bio, half a page micro bio, one page bio, and a current resume.

i was born just after alan turing published his "turing machine" and max bill his "fifteen variations on a single theme". at seven, i was awe struck by a mondrian show at palais des papes in avignon, while the first von neumann machine was being invented in manchester. i could see chagall, matisse, man ray, max ernst in vence and picasso at the garoupe beach, and visit all the shows at alphonse chave's galerie les mages. i wrote my first piece of fortran when the first commercial computer reached europe in 1959, an ibm 704. with thirty years of drawing and watercolor experience, i started to create digital conceptual algorithmic art in 1974 with an hp 9830. i had to wait till 1977 to own my first plotter and produce a first series of small ink on paper works. from 1987 i could draw larger works. in 1988 pierre chave offered a show at galerie alphonse chave (april 1989), a pioneering act. i was then working independently; i only discovered siggraph and what everybody else in the digital community was doing in 1989, just in time to participate to the art gallery show, the first of seventeen to date. i started exploring mixed media in 1998. forty-seven years after i started writing software, i received a pollock-krasner foundation grant, another pioneering act, and the acm siggraph distinguished artist award.

everybody should like everybody.
(andy warhol)

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