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graphite blots (2001)
pencil on paper, 8x12 on 16x21in.

where, when to see works

calendar of events:

"sciart 2012: mysterious", kitp gallery at ucsb [15 nov 2012 - ...]

solway gallery, cincinnati: june 14, 2013/august date tbd

lebanon valley college, harrisburg: august 30/october date tbd

school of visual art, new york: november/december dates tbd

recent selected calendar of events:

"space, color, and motion", block museum chicago, il [jan-apr'08] / "imaging by number", block museum chicago, il [jan-apr'08] / "impermanent markings", pratt institute manhattan gallery [mar-apr'08 ] / "drawing with the mind", santa barbara contemporary arts forum [aug30-nov09'08] / "improbable landscapes", marcia burtt's studio, santa barbara [sep04-oct26] / "algorists II", kitp gallery at ucsb [sep25-whenever] / "cycling apparati", solwayjones gallery, LA [sep06-oct18] / "edge", channing peak gallery, santa barbara [oct02-jan16'09] / "komputer kunst 2008", museum gladbeck, germany [oct01-whenever] / "francis frost fine art", the modern show, new-york [oct17-19] / "mat presentation", group show, ucsb [oct23-24]] / "editions", solway jones gallery [jan24-feb '09] / "limits of knowledge", ihc at ucsb [feb19 '09] / "chanting water", duo show, solway jones gallery [apr-may '09] / "art of language", zimmer children's museum, los angeles [apr30-jun12 '09] / "jean-pierre hébert: drawings as thoughts ", sciarc, los angeles [oct-dec'09] / "sciart 2011", kitp gallery at ucsb [may 2011 - nov 2012]

permanent installations: kitp & arts library at ucsb

where to see and buy: dam gallery, berlin / solwayjones gallery, los angeles / artist's studio in santa barbara.

without great solitude, no serious work is possible.
(pablo picasso)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (29 Mar 2013)