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quantic notations (1989)
sepia ink on paper, pen plotter drawing, 20x20in. on 22x30in. strathmore bristol

artist's statements

current statement:

le dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante. (jean cocteau)

i imagine conceptual drawings, and then i rely on software and devices to produce the pieces, instead of drawing them in the traditional sense, that is by hand. so cultivating a diversity of drawing families, i have been able to pioneer and develop a unique style of art at the margin of science, physics, mathematics, geometry, poetry. blending all these disciplines, each work is a visual poem, a metaphor for them all together.

so my process is to compose, to choreograph a continuum of drawing and painting using algorithms that i code to serve my purpose. my work is freed from the physical constraints usual to drawing, so that i experience no limit in size or complexity, no muscle cramps, no fatigue, no visual strain; i can draw hair thin lines of extraordinary length, include them in networks, or model them in any shape and size i want; i can subject them to forces, fields, transformations; i can move beyond two dimensions to higher forms of space, and allow chance, time, sound, and all levels of additional information to be part of the work.

i enjoy this freedom immensely, and i present some examples dating from the mid seventies to date.

––jean-pierre hebert, santa barbara, march 19, 2016

recently writing statements has become much easier but because i understood how helpful and important these statements are for me. they are in effect the best guidance i have found to orient myself and navigate among all the possibilities and opportunities opened for art by my curiosity and my interests. they act in turn as a compass, a beacon, a sextant, an anchor.

former archived statements

drawing is just a thought: recent statement.

previous statement

hundred views of the metagon

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other statements:

statement about invisible cities

statement about drawings from the early 2000

statement about recent works and future direction

travaux recents et directions futures

and in the following pages, more statements about the line, algorists, media, and tools.

we are sick with space.
(robert frost)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (15 Apr 2016)