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missing quark in a vague field (1995)
pen and inks on arches paper, 19x13 on 30x22in.

about drawings

my primary medium is works on paper: mostly drawings, and some prints. i have made most of my drawings on paper of course, but also many on films, glass, steel, copper plates, linoleum, wood, sand, and even on air and water. i endeavor to explore all the possibilities of drawing, from the largest, most detailed pieces to the smallest, simplest sketches and cartoons; drawings to keep, and ephemeral drawings; quiet drawings and musical drawings, high tech drawings and organic ones...

i have always liked drawings: prehistoric drawings such as lascaux, drawings on greek vases, song sumi drawings(fan k'uan), renaissance drawings (dürer, michelangelo, tiepolo, canaletto), baroque drawings (lorrain, robert, fragonard, ingres, goya), and then modern and contemporary drawings (michaux, wols, morellet, pollock, kandinsky, bill, el hanani, kline, marden, martin, horwitz, chillida, motherwell).

it is possible to make people contented with their servitude. i think this can be done. i think it has been done in the past. but then it could be done even more effectively now because you could provide them with bread and circuses and you could provide them with endless amounts of distraction and propaganda.
(aldous huxley)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (24 Dec 2009)