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triptych: bright wavelets (2008)
digital image, three panels, each 76x38in.

the american algorists: linear sublime

the american algorists: linear sublime, curator grant taylor (lebanon valley college, annville pa, september-october 2013 and school of visual arts, new york, november-december 2013).

works from the anne and michael spalter collection: hebert, mohr, verostko, wilson, etc... i have loaned a few drawings for this exhibition, and will show an early sand sculpture ryoan-ji 2000 (loan from a private collector).

grant taylor and bruce wands wrote a catalog for the show.

installation and opening in annville were friendly and successful -gallery visit- and a welcome opportunity to meet with fellow algorists mark wilson and manfred mohr

an original artist is unable to copy. so he has only to copy in order to be original.
(jean cocteau)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (01 Oct 2014)