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circle of squares (1992)
ink on paper, pen plotter drawing, 36.5x27 on 46.5x34.5in. on drafting paper

luminous flux

the thoma art foundation will feature six of my drawings in their “luminous flux” group show in santa fe. the show starts in june 2015, with opening and artists's talk on july 24-25.

the show catalog also features other works in the foundation collection, including by henry desmond paul, manfred mohr, john simon jr., teo gonzáles, rafael lozano-hemmer, peter saekisian, brigitte kowanz, anne morgan spalter, björn schülke, leo villareal, jim campbell, craig dorety, alan rath, siebren versteeg, and sabrina gschwandtner.

this experiment was made in 1913 to imprison and preserve forms obtained through chance, through my chance, at the same time, the unit of length: one meter was changed from a straight line to a curved line without actually losing its identity (as) the meter, and yet casting a pataphysical doubt on the concept of a straight line as being the shortest route from one point to another.
(marcel duchamp - as quoted in d'harnoncourt, mcshine, 1973a, pp. 273-274)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (14 Jun 2015)