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improbable landscape series, untitled (2008)
digital image, stonehenge paper

"improbable landscapes", marcia burtt's studio

this santa barbara gallery has mostly shown traditional landscape painting, but i have been invited by marcia burtt to show my work in parallel with my off axis biennale show at sbcaf (to be followed by a second show in 2009). this is an interesting challenge that i accepted, and i have prepared works on paper in a landscape and panoramic formats that i almost never used.

the gallery manager, cynthia stahl, has agreed on a very simple and elegant way to install the drawings. the show opened on september 5 and will last to the last weekend of october.

(note: it was marcia burtt who suggested the kitp art residency to david gross.)

i finally made a program out of boredom. after all these years i think now that for a long time i have paraphrased schopenhauer.
(ad reinhardt)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (12 Oct 2008)