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sand trace folded books (2009)
photography, one of the inserts

2009: book projects

several projects done either alone...

-silent traces (now in the special collections at the davidson library)

-invisible cities, with mesostics in typography. the mesostics are inspired by italo calvino's text, and of course, by john cage. the poetry and typography were both composed through original code. this illustrates fifteen cities, and two short scenes with kublai khan and marco polo

-an improved edition of the sbcaf catalog (2008) with correct typography and new images

-palindromized and mirrored variations of breeze drawings, paired with automatic writing from synopses, the hunting of the snark, le bateau ivre, and other texts. i still have to figure the right way to bind the beautiful pages. digital printing on niyodo paper

...or with harry and sandra reese at turkey press...

a much better realization of in visible cities, now in its final stages of progress.

niyodo natural paper, type from the press & letter foundry of michael & winifred bixler.

maybe later, a deluxe edition with more illustrations, and a sequel with illustration of the kublai khan-marco polo dialogues.

[in november 2011, the maquette is being finalized. it will be exhibited in the college book art association 2012 juried show in the bay area.]

[in january-february 2012, three final proofs of the book were completed and exhibited in san francisco and mexico city]

[april 2012, first orders for i.v.c.]

...or else with alejandro casazi

a quarterly series maybe; now we have a format and a prototype for our grayscale16 concept.

[sadly this has not happened yet. not enough time...]

there is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.
(georges braque)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (10 Apr 2012)