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11-4-11-47-10 blueKST (2009)
digital image, 16x20in. kitakata paper

“algorists 2009”, kitp

the third fall show at the kitp, with algorithmic works by david em, paul hertz, robert lang, and myself.

for the opening, after an introduction by david gross, david em and i spoke briefly and answered questions. last, we presented videos recorded by paul hertz and robert lang, who both will come at a later date. the show presents about thirty works on paper, two works on canvas (in the second floor gallery), and twelve origami (in the kitp library).

algorists 2009 is scheduled to show till the fall of 2010.

le dessin, c'est de l'écriture dénouée.
(jean cocteau)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (21 Mar 2015)