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kitp courtyard mobile (2015)
designed by hans hoffman, produced by victor dinovi, steel and wood 8x36ft.

a mobile

in 2010 or so, kitp director and nobel laureate doctor david gross asked me to devise a way to have a mobile installed in the institute courtyard. it had to be at the scale of the courtyard, but on a limited budget

many months of search lead only to a single unaffordable source. presenting the dilemma to friends, i was set by cameron carr to meet with a santa barbara artist, hans hoffman. after several meeting to define our needs, hans confirmed he would be willing to design the mobile, but was not prepared to build it at the required scale. the obvious solution was to ask agile and multitalented artist victor dinovi to build hans's piece in his shop and install it under the close supervision of ucsb facility services. so victor saved the day. it was gratifying to have initiated a completely local solution

on june 17 2015, the project came to fruition. the completed mobile was assembled and lifted high in the courtyard superstructures. it immediately started moving gracefully with the gentle breeze, bringing life and muted colors to the courtyard

taille directe is simply a part of the economy of execution, the appearance of which we value.
(isamu noguchi)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (17 Jun 2015)