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umbrous azure (2003)
pen and ink on stonehenge paper, 26x19.5 on 44x30.5in.

drawings in the 80s

full time dedication to drawing by software from '84 on.

improved small computers and plotters. in the late eighties, a large plotter, unix workstations, better programming languages are available: first large pieces. works are mostly ink on papers. the software explores several paradigms and metaphors, and a personal style is emerging, combining fluidity, complexity, lightness and clarity.

from paris to lawrence (ks) to santa barbara (ca).

first solo show at pierre chave gallery in vence, france (1988).

first participation to the siggraph art gallery in boston (1989).

influences: 'tilings and patterns' (grunbaum and shephard), 'fractal geometry of nature' (benoit mandelbrot), early chinese paintings and calligraphy, chinese lattices, islamic tilings.

by a mathematical approach to art, it is hardly necessary to say I do not mean any fanciful ideas for turning out art by some ingenious system of ready-reckoning with the aid of mathematical formulas.
(max bill)

creative commons license jean-pierre hébert contact. (20 Apr 2008)