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fractured landscape (2004)
pen and acrylic ink on paper, 24x18 strathmore paper

drawings in the 90s

incremental progress of the work through an increased understanding of the medium (improved knowledge of software development; build-up of personal libraries; continuous experiences with the tools and their interaction with the medium)

graphite on paper with pencil lead plotters, silver point drawings.

first attempts at digital prints (iris prints with jon cone) and etchings (solar plates with elaine levasseur).

beginning of the metagon series

short collaborations with roman verostko: the virtual plotter.

create ephemeral sand traces and installations: sand as a digital medium.

influences: max bill, hokusai, buddhist art and zen art.

it is possible to make people contented with their servitude. i think this can be done. i think it has been done in the past. but then it could be done even more effectively now because you could provide them with bread and circuses and you could provide them with enless amounts of distraction and propaganda.
(aldous huxley)

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