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metagon (1998)
digital image, documentation

the metagon, 1997

inspired by the concept of series in music and art, in particular by hokusai's one hundred views of mount fuji, and by max bill's fifteen variations on a theme, i decided to create one hundred views of bill's theme

i started with understanding the geometrical logic behind the theme. then i coded this logic. this code allowed me to explore the theme, expand it, and master it. this came as a strong validation of my algorithmic process.

so i created landscapes of the theme that bill could never have seen, imagined, dreamt of, or executed. i discovered the unique characteristic of the figure that actually create two spirals with only one line: a clockwise spiral, and a counter-clockwise.i coined a new word to designate the extended theme: metagon

in fact i created more than five hundred metagon renderings in very many media, a basis for several projects.

the first one was a limited edition book of prints that was started. all the prints were created, but only twenty four where published in twenty four views of the metagon

here is a sampling of some among many metagons

and the twenty-four views of the metagon limited edition book / print collection

there is an illustrated metagon statement and a metagon exhibition history

they pay me too much for what i do, too little for what i could do.
(wolfgang amadeus mozart)

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